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Trevor Hoffman hoped (a few months ago) that he'd be involved in Mariano Rivera's farewell tour

Denis Poroy

I interviewed Padres legendary closer Trevor Hoffman a few months ago. I've been milking it since then, just giving you little snippets or our conversation. I'd let you listen to the whole thing, but I hate the way my voice sounds, it makes my skin crawl.

With the Padres/Yankees series approaching I thought I'd share Hoffman's thoughts on the topic. Today we'll learn if the Trevor Hoffman from a few months ago thinks he'll be involved in Mariano Rivera's farewell tour stop.

I also ask him if the Padres are going to gift Rivera with another surfboard, perhaps a custom Trevor Hoffman long board.

This not so new "news" comes on the heels of us learning that the Oakland Athletics just gave Mariana Rivera a surfboard, even though they know that's our thing!

Ugh. I hate the A's, so much! Know this about me, I hate the A's forever and always.


Photo credit: Ezra Shaw

As a result Geoff from Ducksnorts asked the question we were all wondering.