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Doubtful Padres will trade Quentin, Headley, Gregerson or Thatcher

Christian Petersen

Admittedly I've not been paying close attention to Padres trade rumors. For about three weeks there, I just didn't care. "Trade them all!" I yelled in my head, silently to myself.

In the last week though I've become slightly aware that Luke Gregerson's name seemed to be brought up more than others. He was deemed the Padres most valuable trade chip. Playoff contenders need relief pitching and he's proven to be better than Huston Street in every way except his post game interviews.

Then there was talk of Carlos Quentin. He's the guy with the "power bat" and the no trade clause, but all it takes is for Quentin to agree to waive his rights and he could be sent off to parts unknown too.

Chase Headley could also be traded, but the Padres don't want to sell low.

Then today Joel Sherman says it's doubtful the Padres will trade anyone at all.

That's either unabashed optimism after one walk-off win in two months or a way of driving up the price of their assets. You won't give us what we want? Then have it your way, go ahead and lose in the playoffs. It's a method that's been working for spoiled kids for generations.

It appears that the Padres will only play a bit part in the great trade theater this year.