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Red Sox 2, Padres 1: Gregerson Gives Red Sox A Present On Volquez's Birthday

Edinson Volquez had a great birthday game, but Luke Gregerson gave up the lead and the game in the 9th

Jim Rogash

1st Inning

After 2 outs, the single rally began. Carlos Quentin took 1st base on an crazy bounce infield single. Chase Headley came up to bat and mid way through the at-bat, he called time. Jon Lester, the Red Sox pitcher, then sent a pitch right at Chase's toes. Hit Chase, but since there was a timeout, no base taking.


Next pitch goes right to the same area, as if to say "Hey, that's where I was throwing last time, but since you called timeout, that pitch didn't count, so I wanted it to count now, mmkay?" Well, Chase didn't want to be punked so he hit a ball off the left field wall to put runners on the corners. Next batter up, Kyle Blanks, gets a single to score Quentin and get on the board and give the Padres their first lead since June 28th.


2nd Inning

Edinson Volquez struck out 3 batters after giving up a single. One of the strikeouts was pretty great. Mike Carp did not want to leave. He took strike 3 looking. Umpire did the "Strike 3 arm shake". Carp muttered a few words from above his tangled beard and just stood there. 5 awkward seconds later, the umpire was looking at him and Carp had no idea he struck out. He proceeded to walk away a shamed man. A shamed man with a bad beard.

3rd Inning

I missed this inning, but luckily for me, Gaslamp Ball member Timmah73 watched it. He informed me that Edinson Volquez hit Jose Iglesias with a pitch accidentally and the umpire went ahead and warned both benches. Seems weird to warn them 2 innings after Lester hit Chase in his little piggies when you were swinging your arms and calling time? That's a while to wait for retribution. Whatevers. As long as you have the players under your thumb. They're all tricky. Tricky tricky tricky tricky.

4th Inning

Beard guy batted again. He singled this time. Next batter, Jarrod Saltanpaprika, got a double to score the beard and tie the game.

Tie Game 1-1

6th Inning

After Quentin singled and Headley walked, Kyle Blanks stepped up to the plate. He grounded into a double play. However, that was not the worst thing about the at-bat. Blanks was stumbling down the first base line with sort of a limp. Not the best sight to see with the Padres playing non-stop until the All Star break. Hope he's okay.

Volquez threw his last inning of the night. 6 innings with 104 pitches. He gave up 7 hits and only one walk for 1 ER. Volquez hit the strikeout button 6 times.

7th Inning

Nick Vincent pitched a perfect inning with 1 strikeout in relief.

8th Inning

Lester is no longer pitching. He threw for 1 more inning than Volquez. Gave up one less hit than Volquez. Same numbers in the BB and ER column. However, he had 1 less strikeout than Volquez. Obviously that means Edinson outperformed Jon today. Chicks dig the ball that's called for strike 3.

After a double by Dustin Pedroia and intentionally walking David Ortiz , Luke Gregerson enters the game in relief. Luke gets Daniel Nava to strikeout. Bad beard guy pops out to Alexi Amarista. Since Luke is on a roll already, why not just get the 3rd out? Which he does. Jarrod Sloppymachinima strikes out to end their rally and the inning.

9th Inning

A different bad beard guy hit the ball for the winning run with no one on base and everyone walked off the field.

Red Sox 2-1

Another day, another loss. Padres will look to kick the losing streak to the side on the 4th of July. Padres will send Eric Stults and his dangerous curves out to face Allen Webster at 10:10 tomorrow morning. Breakfast baseball for America!

Get that win, Padres!

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