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Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn reacts to Ryan Braun's cheating

I took notes on this brief little radio snippet. You can use these notes to cheat on a test if you want.


  • "I was fooled, when he said he didn't do it. I believed him."
  • "It's disappointing that we continue to have this problem. It's nice to see though that the players that are clean have started to stand up and say this "Hey this isn't fair, we need to do something about this".
  • The players and fans are frustrated.
  • The hardest part was that Ryan Braun lied. Gwynn thinks that if you get caught you should own up to it, people will respect you a lot more.
  • "We wanted to believe him, we wanted it not to be true."
  • Gwynn got to meet Braun when he came up playing with Anthony and thought he was a nice kid.
  • Gwynn thinks it's safe to say that Hall of Famers don't want cheaters in the hall. He thinks players that have been busted will never get in.