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Black says Jason Marquis will have Tommy John Surgery


Bud Black interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Black said he got a vague call from the Brewer's manager at 2:30 pm and was able to get the news that Ryan Braun had been suspended out of him. Black says the team knew that eventually the news would come out but no one knew when.
  • Black says that having Everth Cabrera and Yasmani Grandal on the biogenesis list hasn't distracted the players as far as he can tell. He's hoping that Grandal's admission from last year was "good enough for the MLB." As for Cabrera they are still in the dark. "How this all plays out, we're not quite sure."
  • The Padres organization has talked and prepared for the possibility of Everth Cabrera being suspended. "I don't know, I hope he doesn't." They are hoping for the best.
  • Jason Marquis traveled to see his long time doctor in Cincinnati. The UCL is torn significantly. "For him to pitch again it will require the Tommy John surgery.
    For the rest of the season Jason will not be playing -Bud Black on Marquis' impending surgery

    For the rest of the season Jason will not be playing. I do think from talking with him that he does want to continue to play." Black says players should "do it" if they still have the drive. "There's nothing worse than shutting it down too early, you'll always have that regret."
  • Tyson Ross will start for the Padres today. Black wants to see him try to throw 90 pitches and get to the 6th or 7th innings. Black says that there's "no doubt" that it's sink or swim time for Ross. The injuries have given lots of pitchers opportunities, he hopes Ross makes the most of it.