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Recording of Padres Broadcaster Jerry Coleman's reading of the Declaration of Independence to be released on July 4th

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Denis Poroy

The "Voice of the Padres" Jerry Coleman did a reading of the Declaration of Independence to celebrate our nation's 237th birthday. The recording will be available at indefinitely starting July 4th.

If you've seen at least one Padres game this season then you've no doubt seen dozens of commercials for the Aramco Group for whom Coleman is a spokesperson.

"Our goal is to share the reading of this revered document by both a baseball legend and proud U.S. Marine Corps officer with students, teachers, fellow veterans and anyone who who appreciates what this country stands for," said Andy Strasberg, President of ACME. "These timeless words are truly inspirational, especially so when read by a man like Jerry."

Andy Strasberg. Does that name sound familiar? He was the Padres VP of Marketing for 22 years and the one who signed Cole Hamels to a lifetime Padres contract at birth. But I digress...

Here's just a snippet of Jerry's reading to whet your appetite:

When it comes to Jerry Coleman I have to disagree with our Founding Fathers. Not all men were created equal.