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Padres name new CEO, Mike Dee


Well that was quick. The Padres named a president and CEO about a half hour ago. The name they chose for the newly birthed president? Mike Dee. He comes to us from the NFL's Miami Dolphins.

Padres name Mike Dee President and CEO | News

"I am thrilled to be coming home to San Diego - an extraordinary community that has always been very special to me," said Dee. "The Padres organization is where I started my sports career nearly two decades ago, and I am grateful to Ron and Peter for the opportunity to return to my roots."

And his tweets:

Apparently he used to work for the Padres under the Larry Lucchino regime in the mid to late 90's before leaving with Lucchino for Boston. Oh, so he will leave San Diego for better opportunities with a large market team? Just the trait we're looking for in a candidate.

Here's a look at Dee back in his Padres prime via RJ's Fro:

Everybody (Scott Marshall, the Padres' vice president of concessions and retail), seems to think he'll be a good fit for the job.

Padres name Mike Dee team president and CEO | News

"I honestly believe there's no better candidate than Mike Dee," Marshall said. "His energy and passion are unmatched. He's committed to three things: to a championship, fan engagement and community.

Ah yes, the holy trinity of Padres baseball: the NL West championship, marriage proposals on the jumbotron and the NBC comedy series.

I can't wait to see the new logos and uniforms. Best of luck to Dee, something tells me he's going to need it.

With some prying questions from Darren Smith, hopefully we'll get some more info from Fowler this afternoon.