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Jedd Gyorko & Yonder Alonso return amidst flurry of roster moves


Oh, man. While I was writing some stupid thing that nobody is going to read about Nick Vincent because it's his birthday, the Padres announced a whole mess of roster moves. A couple are pretty thrilling, one of them is disappointing, and the other two are yawnworthy.

First off, heck yeah! We've been patiently waiting for Jedd Gyorko and Yonder Alonso to return from their extended stretches on the DL, and getting both of them back at the same time is twice as nice. They've both been out over a month; Gyorko with a strained groin and Alonso with a fractured hand. In case you've been lucky enough to miss it, the Padres haven't been doing all that well in their absence.

One bright spot while Gyorko and Alonso were out was Kyle Blanks. And of course we can never get good news without a turdy counterpoint so he's heading to the 15-day DL with an effed-up heel. I'd argue that a gimpy Blanks is better than a healthy Kotsay but, hey, he needs to rest it and whatnot. At least with the All-Star break on the horizon we won't be missing him for all that many games.

Pedro Ciriaco didn't stick with the Padres that long. Picked up right before Everth Cabrera did his time on the DL, Ciriaco got into 23 games with San Diego, underwhelming with both his glove and his bat. He batted .238 in 63 AB with one of each type of extra-base hit, basically mirroring his statistics with Boston earlier in the season. He will be missed by at least somebody, I imagine.

As for Miles Mikolas, well, no surprise there. I imagine you've read Wonko's piece about the 18-man pitching staff by now. If not, you should because it's good stuff. Mikolas has been the least used of the guys who get shifted back and forth between Tucson and San Diego, pitching in only one major league game so far this season. He did well, pitching a perfect inning last night, and we can expect to see him again.

So, to summarize: Yay, more yay, dang, whatever, and more whatever.