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Former Padres GM Jed Hoyer hints Padres CEO Tom Garfinkel was forced to resign


I thought it was interesting to hear what Jed Hoyer had to say about Tom Garfinkel's resignation. The part where Hoyer calls Garfinkel a casualty and says he knows that Garfinkel will land on his feet, makes me think that Garfinkel was forced out by Ron Fowler and company rather than leaving on his own. If he were leaving on his own accord he would probably already have a job offer and there would be no need for him to land on his feet. Maybe I'm reading too much into that.

I transcribed Hoyer's answer for you. Read for yourself.

Jed Hoyer Interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

I wouldn't say I was surprised. I think any time you have an ownership change the people at the top level are potential casualties. That's the nature of the business and it's unfortunate. Tom and I are really good friends. We've actually exchanged a handful of voice mails over the last couple of days and hopefully we'll talk soon. He did a great job with the Padres. Unfortunately he got lumped in and blamed a little bit due to some of the size of the payrolls. If anything Tom was always working as hard as he could to raise the payrolls. That was his job to grow revenue. It was a challenge for a couple years. People pinned some 38-40 million dollar payrolls on Tom. He was doing everything he could to raise those. He did a good job for the Padres. He'll land on his feet. He's a talented guy.