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The "Kotsay" Tacos get bad reviews

The Padres are starting to roll out the new promotions of their #SDSummerFun campaign. The first of these promotions was the one dollar street tacos on Tuesdays.

Padres hoping fans eat up Taco Tuesday |

Planned number of street tacos to be on stock against the Rockies: 22,000.

Fans have been begging for street tacos to be sold at Petco Park for years. The idea of taco carts spread about the park are a San Diegan's fantasy. As Dex once said, "it is just about impossible to find a bad taco in San Diego. You have to try really hard."

Well not anymore, you can find them at Petco Park every Tuesday night apparently.

They've been tagged with the nickname "Kotsay Tacos" due to this commercial and have performed about as well:

It seems somewhat appropriate that the tacos are being named after a guy who hasn't had a hit since June 8th and is batting well under the Mendoza Line.

We were at the game on Tuesday in the Jack Deck for the Padres Social event. We were kind of cut off from the rest of the taco eating fan base, and had already been fed Phil's BBQ so we didn't get a chance to try them or speak to anyone who had.

Yet in the late innings of the game I heard whispers, literally whispers, about how the tacos were NOT good. I asked if the tacos had caused lines at the bathroom stalls? No, they just weren't appetizing and there was something wrong with the tortillas. They fell apart in the consumer's hand.

Taco Tuesday at Petco Park | Padres360

The appearance was not at all appealing. Honestly, I’ve seen my cat cough up more attractive looking items!

We each concurred … you could taste onions and cilantro more than chicken (perhaps a good thing) and the hot sauce certainly was an important component. The even bigger issue with the tacos was the tortillas. The texture and taste was raw and stale … and they fell apart almost immediately … making it very challenging to eat.

the worst taco he has ever tasted” and that “it wasn’t worth even trying to finish it.”

I knew something had to be wrong with those tortillas by the crunchy sound they made when Kotsay bit into them in the commercial. Soft corn tortillas should not make that sound and neither should foley crew. Still, a taco falling apart in your hand is infinitely better than a #shartnado at Petco Park, right?.

Here's some of the unfavorable comments from Twitter: