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Marlins 4, Padres 0: Not Much Of Quality Start For Marquis

4 unearned runs lead to another Padres loss in Miami.

Steve Mitchell

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Inning

Carlos Quentin got a hit in the 1st, then Jose Fernandez struck out 5 Padres in the first 3 innings. Jason Marquis got 1 strikeout in the same amount of innings. He also walked two. Game is sailing along. 3 innings in 44 minutes.

4th Inning

Marquis walked two more with only 1 out. Bad situation ahead? Nope. Pedro Ciriaco made a diving catch to rob Marcell Ozuna of a base hit and possible RBI. A ground out by Dietrich ended the inning and Marlins rally.

5th Inning

Fernandez struck out his 7th batter of the day. 7 Padres in 5 innings through 60 pitches. Marquis gave up his first hit of the day. It was followed by a hit and run play to put runners on the corners with no outs. Marquis struck out Fernandez. 1 out. And then...the play. I can't even deal with how great this play was. I Pedro Ciriaco made another incredible play. He fielded a grounder, began falling to his right and was able to throw it Forsythe to begin the inning ending rally killing double play. Pedro's D has been out and about today and ready for everyone to take notice.

6th Inning

Right. About Pedro's D? He put it away. An error by Ciriaco led to an inning in which the Marlins got some runs. With 2 runners on, Ozuna singled in a run. Then, with the bases loaded, Jeff Mathis, the villain of the series, doubled in all the runs. Again, because of Mathis, it's a 4 run differential. Yet, there is still plenty of time for the Padres to even the score, then take the lead.

Marlins 4-0

7th Inning

Marquis' day is done. All those runs the Marlins scored? Unearned. He had 7 walks today. Seven. Had 4 strikeouts. Gave up 5 hits in 6 and a third innings. Joe Thatcher came in to close out the inning.

8th Inning

Fernandez pitched his last inning of the day. Gave up 2 hits and 1 walk in 8 innings pitched. He struck out 10. Ten. 10. Ten. For everything! Everything! Everything! Everything! Ahem, sorry.

9th Inning

2 quick outs for the Padres. Then, Carlos Quentin made A.J Ramos work and got a walk out of him. After a defensive indifference, Chase Headley singled to get Quentin to 3rd and put runners on the corners. Ramos gets replaced by Steve Cishek. He gets Blanks to bounce the ball right to him. Toss to 1st records the out. Everything ends.

Marlins 4-0

Not a good game today. Hopefully by completely abandoning the National League it will lead to wins in the next series. That's right. No more pitchers swinging bats for a few days. Padres are shipping off to Boston. Remember when they were there 2 years back and cost the Red Sox a playoff spot by taking 2 out of 3. Those were the days.

Robbie Erlin will take the mound in Fenway against John Lackey tomorrow night. Win tomorrow and all the days after, Padres!

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