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How many of the 16 managers in Padres history can you name?


The Padres have had 16 managers in their 45 years as a major league franchise, starting with-- oh, man, I almost gave you a free answer. But, yeah, how many of them can you name?

I'm sure you know how this works by now. You only need their last names and you don't get penalized for wrong answers. Since this quiz only has 16 answers, I set the timer at four minutes. As clues, both the years they served as manager and their win-loss records are provided. Included in the 16 is one man who served as interim manager for one game in 1977, after-- whoa, that was another close one. We should probably get right to the quiz before I really do let an answer slip.

When you're finished, be sure to note in the poll how many you got and leave spoiler-proofed comments.