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A message from ownership


We believe that it takes a team to win in baseball, but that team is more than just 25 players. It takes strong leadership, heart, and it takes you. We've listened to our fans and want to thank you for your commitment to this team. We're proud to announce that this summer we're adding some new and exciting promotions as our way to thank you, San Diego, for being the best fans in baseball.

It takes all of us together to win. We'll see you at the ballpark, go Padres!

Ron Fowler,
Executive Chairman
San Diego Padres

This message from ownership was written in the San Diego Union-Tribune today. It felt like a message written directly to me, but it could have been written to any fan or every fan. That's because it was a heartfelt thank you note that was both impersonal and slightly vague.

It's sad but my first reaction to any message from ownership is wondering how it will be mocked by San Diego's hive of Foul Weather Fans. I can hear it now. "How dare you thank me! I love the Padres so much that I hate them! Do you know what that feels like?! Of course you don't!"

Anyway, the Padres fans that do like attending games and collecting swag will be happy to hear that a bunch of new promotions have just been announced. More on that later. For now, just prepare your vile rebuttals to this so-called "message from ownership".

"You can buy the Padres but you can't buy my fanhood!!"