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Kalian Sams Promoted To AAA Tucson

Chung Sung-Jun

The last time we checked in on Kalian Sams was nearly three weeks ago. He took the baseball world by storm by hitting seven homers in his first eleven games. Although his bat cooled to more reasonable numbers, Sams was promoted to AAA Tucson after little more than a month at San Antonio.

At the time I dropped the following bit of wisdom:

Although Sams' .361 BA and home run pace are as unsustainable as they are awesome, there are encouraging signs that it might not be all a mirage. Sams has only struck out five times in his 46 plate appearances and has drawn eight walks. While there's no way he'll keep getting on base exactly half of the time, he certainly looks like a different person than the one whose career high OBP was a meager .306. If he settles into even a happy medium between the two he could find himself in AAA for the first time.

I can't pat myself on the back too much for that prediction. I mean, common sense, right? His unsustainable pace cooled off as anyone could have predicted but he kept making contact for a final AA line of .250/ .412 /.713 with ten homers and 27 RBI in a mere 80 AB. Sams collected 20 walks while striking out 24 times.

Look out, PCL pitchers.