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Rockies 10, Padres 9: At Least There Was A Comeback, Right?

A crazy comeback is overshadowed by a walk-off home run.

Dustin Bradford

1st Inning

Bad inning. Bad, bad inning. With 2 runners on, Dirk Nowitzki singled in Eric Young and moved Carlos Gonzalez to second. Then, Todd Helton doubled in both runners to push it to a 3 run lead.

Rockies 3-0

2nd Inning

It started out as a good inning. Jedd Gyorko got a single, then Mr. Frequent Flyer miles himself stepped up to the plate. Kyle Blanks sent the baseball into orbit. A looooong home run to pull the game within 1 run.

Rockies 3-2

The inning got bad. Like in Major Payne when Tiger can't hold it anymore. "I did something bad". Edinson Volquez lost control of the game. And since I don't like writing about the opposition doing well, I'll summarize as much as I can. Gonzalez got a triple for 2 RBI. Helton singled in 1. Arenado touched 1st for 1 and former Padres catcher Yorvit Torrealba singled for 1. All together, it was a 5 run inning for them.

Rockies 8-2

3rd Inning

But, hey. Turn that frown upside down. After an Everth Cabrera double, Carlos Quentin got a base hit to bring the Padres total to 3 runs.

Rockies 8-3

Ok, put your frown back on. Carlos Gonzalez tripled home another run. Edinson Volquez is done tonight. After giving up 11 hits for 9 ER with 2 walks and 1 strikeout in 2.1 innings, he is sent back to the clubhouse. Tyson Ross is called upon to hammer the Run Gate closed. Oh, and Carlos Quentin defied gravity to make a diving catch and end the inning.

Courtesy of Zombie Prophet ( @ZProphet_MMA)

Rockies 9-3

5th Inning

Kyle Blanks singled to right field to score Carlos Quentin. The game is getting closer.

Rockies 9-4

7th Inning

Chase Headley was hit by a pitch to start the inning. The rage that sits inside Carlos Quentin regarding the HBP released itself with great force. A long fly ball deep to left puts 2 on the board for the Padres. 3 run game. Jedd Gyorko is still a rookie, so he's learning from the veteran players. What does he do? He hits a longer deeper fly ball to left. Back to back homers! A 2 run game. Kyle Blanks sees that left field is the place to go with a hit, so he hits it there for a double. Cameron Maybin changes it up with a single to center to score Blanks. 1 run game! Yasmani Grandal and Chris Denorfia walk to load the bases. Everth Cabrera grounds to the infield, but he beats out the throw!


9th Inning

Nolan Arenado hits a walk-off home run. Game over. Go home.

Rockies 10-9

Win tomorrow, Padres! You're on the regular FOX channel. Bring the bats and the lights-out pitching, Padres. Bring it.