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Alonso to DL, Maybin Still Activated, Blanks Staying

Padres change course and make a different move than was previously announced.


The Padres, after initially announcing a move that involved sending Kyle Blanks to AAA and activating Cameron Maybin from the DL, have changed course and instead put Yonder Alonso on the DL, while still activating Maybin and keeping Blanks with the team.

Alonso had missed the last few games with this injury but the team thought he would progress. He then took batting practice yesterday and perhaps overdid it because he was feeling additional soreness afterwards as reported by Corey Brock earlier today. Yonder Alonso originally hurt his wrist during last Friday's marathon game vs. the Blue Jays.

Judging by the comments made in a previous Gaslamp Ball post that covered the recently changed announcement that Blanks was going to AAA, many Padres fans will be happy to see the big slugger stay with the big league club.

Here was the original tweet that the Padres put out announcing a move that was superseded when the need to DL Alonso arose.