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Padres Activate Cameron Maybin, Demote Kyle Blanks


We barely had time to savor the win over the Dodgers and I only watched the video of Kyle Blanks's incredible catch three or four times before the Padres dropped the following newsbomb on everybody:

Naturally, everybody was outraged. And when I say 'everybody', I mean that of all the tweets I saw about the move, none of them were even close to being okay with it. None of them. Here's a sampling:

Sam also tweeted that Kyle Blanks leads the team in wOBA and wRC+, adding some no-no swear words.

The consensus is that Blanks should have stayed. The only quibble anybody had was who should have gone in his place. Personally, I'd take him over Kotsay or Guzman any day, even if it meant cutting them loose for good. But I'm not a GM so what the hell do I know?

Editor's Note (6/6/2013 2:50 PM PT): The Padres have changed course and sent Yonder Alonso to the DL instead of demoting Kyle Blanks. Cameron Maybin will still come off the DL.