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Enberg and Grant talk wiener hats, hilarity ensues

Patrick McDermott

Back when I was a more diligent blogger I might have taken the time to capture a hilarious moment from a game broadcast, like when we were the first to post audio of Rick Sutcliffe's drunken diatribe. But now with so many other bloggers looking for material to go viral and who work more quickly creating animated gifs and YouTube videos, I'm content to just sit back and wait to poach their goods.

The only problem is that they're not as familiar with our team so Mark Grant gets mistaken for Mark Grace in Deadspin's URL and even Mike Pomeranz on this YouTube video.

Mark Grant: Hey! Hot dog heads!

Dick Enberg: Hubba. Hubba.

Mark Grant: I crushed two of those last night after the game.

Dick Enberg: That's right. Yeah. Oh! The hot dogs, yeah, you crushed those.

And you people don't like Dick Enberg.