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People Who Dodge 9, Padres 7: The Game That Was, Then Wasn't

Padres drop another against NL West foe.

At least he was happy for a few innings.
At least he was happy for a few innings.
Stephen Dunn

1st Inning

1st pitch was a strike. 2nd pitch was in the seats. Chris Denorfia leads off the game with a blast to center to put the Padres on the board almost as early as possible. Later that inning, Carlos Quentin stepped up to the plate to face the other team for the first time since he took on Zack Greinke in order get into the backfield to sack the quarterback. This time around, it was the ball being hit. Quentin singled to left.


2nd Inning

The inning started with Yasmani Grandal being walked. If only they knew what was to come. And just as it came, it was gone. Kyle Blanks sent the 4th pitch he saw over the fence for a 2 run home run to bump that lead up even more.


In the bottom of the inning, a guy got a hit that scored himself and another guy.If you need to know who the guy was that got the hit, it was this guy. Yeah, not the best hitter around.


4th Inning

This time around, they ended up walking Blanks rather than giving him a pitch to smash. Mistake. The incredible Jesus Guzman singled to their new guy that's getting all that buzz. Well, guess what? He buzzed up. An error on the play allowed Blanks to score. However, before he got there, Ted Lilly tried to go head-to-chest with him and got knocked aside like nobody's business. The next batter up was pitcher Clayton Richard. His pitching might have been shaky earlier, but his offense is picking up the slack. His single to left scores Guzman to push the lead to 3.


Remember I was talking about Clayton's O? You should. I just mentioned it four sentences ago. Well, his D was looking pretty nice just now. A rocket to his glove pocket gets the out recorded. It was smoked and he somehow caught it. I've got no video, so if you missed it, use your imagination.

5th Inning

Do I have to write about this inning? I don't want to write about this inning. It was not a good inning. Remember I mentioned that Clayton's pitching was "shaky"? Well, he 6.2 magnitude earthquake'd on the mound. It was bad. The worst part was giving up a three run home run to their new guy. The guy that's been in the league for 2 days and is hitting everything. Maybe I should just say his name. Yasiel Puig. There. Now maybe it'll be terrible luck for him and he'll ever get a hit again. Oh, right. Another guy scored and the other team started winning.

6-5 Them

6th Inning

Inning started out good. Kyle Blanks singled. Jesus Guzman doubled. Chris Denorfia got an RBI single to tie the game! Everth Cabrera gets a bunt single to load the bases. Then, Chase Headley ends the inning by grounding into a double play.


Their guy got a double that scored another guy. And then, he who I should never have named got his second home run of the night off Tyson Ross. Two home runs. Please let that be his last hit. PLEASE.

9-6 Them Again

7th Inning

Carlos Quentin leads off the inning with a home run to get the score closer.

9-7 Still Them

8th Inning

A close play at 1st base on a double play that ended the Padres inning leads to Bud Black coming out to argue it. After some arguing, the umpire got in some ejecting and Bud was sent to the clubhouse.

9th Inning

Last Chance Café. Unless the Padres score at least 2 runs, this game is over. They scored none. Game is over. In fact, this game ends with ANOTHER close play at 1st. This trend is something I can't get behind. Padres should stop that.

Avoid the sweep and win tomorrow, Padres