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Bud Black on Quentin facing Dodgers and Cory Luebke's chances of pitching this year

Greg Fiume

Buddy Black interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Black thought Chris Denorfia was safe in the last play of the game from the dugout, but upon further video review he saw that he was out. The Yasiel Puig throw was good. He's an athletic player, very "toolsy".
  • Carlos Quentin was experiencing soreness in his shoulder from diving into the wall on Sunday. "He wants to play. He wants to get it over with." Black says "Let the booing begin and let it end." The shoulder discomfort affected his swing.
  • Black expects Quentin will be booed in every at bat. The team is used to this sort of thing. The media makes a big deal of it, but it will eventually pass. Black says "If the Dodgers feel as though there is any retribution they'll take it at some point and then it will definitely be over." It wouldn't surprise Black if Quentin is hit by a pitch.
  • In the 17 inning game on Friday, Bud Black decided to go for the win and have Clayton Richard pitch. He had pitching coach Darren Balsley contact A.J. Hinch and see if they could get Robbie Erlin up for the next day's start. That type of contact between the dugout and front office only happens 2 or 3 times a year.
  • Cory Luebke may not pitch in 2013. Black says it's a definite possibility. The doctors say the rehab schedule is from 12-18 months. Luebke may be closer to 18 months. He had his surgery done last May, so it's only been 12 months. Joe Wieland is on schedule for 12-14 month range. Luebke will resume throwing in a couple of weeks. There's a chance he could "pop back in there" in August or September.
  • Yonder Alonso's hand strength isn't back yet after being hit with a pitch. He's really close to returning though. He isn't being considered for a trip to the DL. It's an opportunity to have Kyle Blanks and Jesus Guzman get some at bat against Ted Lilly.