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Marlins 6, Padres 2: 592 Dogs Saw The Padres Lose

Dog day in Miami leads to Tyson Ross giving the game away in traumatic fashion.

Steve Mitchell
According to the Marlins, today's official attendance was actually 15,929.

592 of them were dogs.

1st Inning

Chase Headley reached base via the walk and Andrew Cashner struck out 2 batters. It was great to actually see on television. Thanks for coming back into my life, Fox Sports San Diego.

2nd Inning

We are 15 minutes into the game and Nathan Eovaldi looks like he just lost a Super Soaker fight. His jersey is 4 shades of orange.

Mark Kotsay made a running basket catch in left field. Still not as sweaty as Eovaldi.

3rd Inning

Andrew Cashner is a bunting wizard. He didn't even "lay one down". He popped it up towards 3rd base and the fielder could not throw him out after the ball took 1 hop. Unfortunately, he was not able to bunt himself around the bases.

4th Inning

Kyle Blanks singles. Will Venable singles. Yasmani Grandal walks. However, there were already two outs when Pedro Ciriaco stepped to the plate. A quick grounder later and the game is still scoreless.

Andy Ashby was in the FSSD studios and dropped the some knowledge on us. He said that he lost 8-10 pounds of water weight through sweat per game. While all this was going on, the Marlins begun to start piling up hits in a 2 out rally. The other Logan and Ozuna each got a single and then Derek Dietrich got a 2 run double to fall between Amarista and Kotsay in deep left center.

Marlins 2-0

5th Inning

Cashner is all over the place. He dove/slid for a grounder, got up, and slid feet first into first base to record the out. That camouflage undershirt is giving him super powers. If only the powers extended to not letting the opposition get hits.

6th Inning

Cashner's day ends after the inning. His 6 innings included 3 strikeouts and 1 walk while surrendering 5 hits for 2 ER.

7th Inning

Former Padre Chad Qualls entered the game for the Marlins. He walked Yasmani Grandal and treated pinch hitter Carlos Quentin with a pitch that he could hit over the wall to tie the game in the 7th! He smashed the ball over the wall off Qualls. Cashner goes from the loss column to being in no column.


9th Inning know? I don't want to write about this inning. It was not cool. Not fun to watch. If you missed it, you're lucky. Just imagine the worst possible way to give up 4 runs in the bottom of the 9th during a tie game. That's what happened. Padres came out on the losing side today.

Marlins 6-2

Padres take the field tomorrow behind Jason Marquis to face Jose Fernandez to try and split the series before heading to Boston. Win tomorrow.

Go Padres!

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