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Dodgers threaten Carlos Quentin: "We will get him. I promise"

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Yahoo's Jeff Passan has the latest in the Carlos Quentin / Zack Greinke feud.


Quick back story: In April, Greinke hit Quentin with a pitch. Quentin rushed the mound. The two teams rumbled. Greinke suffered a broken collar bone. Quentin served an 8 game suspension.

Meanwhile the Padres are a much more respectable 24-23.

Due to the suspension Quentin has not faced the Dodgers since that fateful night. Tonight the two teams meet again, this time with both players active. Greinke will not pitch in the series but Quentin will likely play.

Which brings us to last night's news. Instead of threatening the Padres through the official Dodger twitter account, they've tried a new method. An unnamed Dodger sent a threat, through Yahoo! writer Jeff Passan to Quentin, who is known to love reading Yahoo! Sports.

10 Degrees: Will Carlos Quentin get comeuppance sooner than later against the Dodgers? - Yahoo! Sports

"We will get him," he said. "It may not be next time we see him. It may not be the time after that. It may not be two times after that. But we will get him. I promise."

Even former unnamed Dodgers are weighing in.

"Waiting doesn't send a message that you're not going to [expletive] with us," said one former Dodger.


It's a good mind game by the Dodgers. Anonymously threaten a guy and keep him focused on revenge that will never come in an attempt to keep his mind off the game. Won't work, but when you're in the NL West cellar you've got to try everything.

NL West Standings

Arizona 32 24 .571 0 Won 2
Colorado 30 27 .526 2.5 Won 2
San Francisco 30 27 .526 2.5 Won 1
San Diego 26 30 .464 6 Lost 1
Los Angeles 23 32 .418 8.5 Lost 2

(updated 6.3.2013 at 9:34 AM PDT)