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Marlins 7, Padres 1: So, A Game Happened

A tough day for Eric Stults leads to a tough loss for the Padres.

I'm writing this recap with the voice of Ted Leitner to guide me. No TV means this recap is not in HD. I will not be able to weave together descriptions with great detail that make you say "Dang, Friar Fever! You just implanted that image into my mind with your well crafted words. You complete me" or whatever it is you say to yourself when you read these things. So, I'm warning you now. Read at your own risk.

1st Inning

Having the game on the radio made the Padres go as fast as they could to get out of the inning. I have no idea who batted and how they got out. runs?

Marlins took advantage of the "no one can see us playing" situation and scored 3 runs off Eric Stults with a trifecta of singles and a sacrifice fly. The sac fly was a bit adventurous because as Leitner said, he couldn't see it. He was in disbelief that Will Venable caught it, even though he couldn't see it. Luckily for this recap, Gaslamp Ball members span the globe and our very own Zen Blade saw the play.

Venable runs from center-right on a deep, high fly from Polanco. Ball is looking like it will land right around the foul line, give or take a foot or two. Venable dives, laying out to catch it just before it hits the ground, sliding into the foul territory dirt. Runner tags at 3B and scores.

So, great catch, but still a 3 run deficit after the first inning.

Marlins 3-0

2nd Inning

Padres batted against Jacob Turner but I totally missed it. I can not deal with the radio. I never pay enough attention to the words to know what is even happening. It's just a blur of words. Maybe it's because the radio isn't loud enough to make me hear it rattling around in my brain. What I do know is that the Marlins also just batted and I missed that too. At least it was a quick inning, which means they didn't do anything in the scoring department either.

3rd Inning

Nothing happened here. Well, except for Ted Leitner just throwing out the fact that he never liked the sand uniforms the Padres used to wear on the road. Not like the sand? Sand is in the name San Diego. How can someone not like the sand? I love the sand. I think we need to Bring The Sand Back To San Diego! I might even start a Twitter account or something. Food for thought.

4th Inning

Marlins were not fine with the game just going along at an advanced pace. 1 hour into the game, they decided that they had to slow things down and start scoring again. Placido Polanco, or "Plaw-sid-oh Paw-lawn-co" got walked and 2 singles later, scored the 4th run for the Marlins. A single by Jeff Mathis scored Dietrich and Hechavarria to bring it to a 6 run deficit.

Eric Stults struck out his 2nd batter of the day, but his day was done after the second walk of the inning. 3 and two-thirds innings. 7 hits. 6 runs with 5 being earned. An off day for the lefty. And we didn't even get to see him throw the curve. We all suffered in these first 4 innings. Tim Stauffer entered the game to record the 3rd out and hopefully record a bunch more.

Marlins 6-0

5th Inning

Will Venable started off the inning with a triple somewhere in the ballpark. Nick Hundley kept it going with a double down the line to score Venable and put the Padres on the board. Unfortunately, Nick was tagged out trying to advance on a wild pitch/passed ball/none of the above that ended up getting back to the catcher in time for him to catch Hundley getting greedy. Two more outs by Pedro Ciriaco and Tim Stauffer end the inning, but the Padres comeback has already begun.

Marlins 6-1

6th and 7th Inning

I ate leftovers and Giancarlo Stanton homered to left field. Tim Stauffer finished his 3 and a third innings without a strikeout, giving up 2 hits, 1 walk, and 1 ER.

Marlins 7-1

8th Inning

Padres got 2 hits in the inning, but could not put a run on the board like the last time they got 2 hits in an inning. Dale Thayer entered the game for the Padres. Carlos Quentin made a spectacular catch according to Leitner. However, I do not remember what it was he said about the play. Zen Blade could not be reached for comment so that's all you get.

9th Inning

Jacob Turner is still pitching. Yeah, guy is going for a complete game and you had to be there to see it. Or somewhere that the game wasn't blacked out. First batter up, Carlos Quentin is walked. Things are looking up for the Padres here. Chase Headley got to a full count, but left without touching base. Kyle Blanks got his shot to keep the Padres Rally rolling along. He struck out. Will Venable, you are needed. He grounded out. Rally over, inning over, and game over. Jacob Turner gets his first career complete game in one that lasted 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Marlins 7-1

At least we didn't have to watch the game. Game felt quicker than 2:25 via the radio. Ah, well. Get them tomorrow, Padres. They take the field against Nathan Eovaldi and the Marlins at 10:10am. Andrew Cashner will take the mound as the Padres look to take the 3rd game of this 4 game series.

Go Padres!

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