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Padres 9, Marlins 2: Padres Hit And Run All Over Empty Park

Padres score 9 runs while Edinson Volquez tallies 8 strikeouts against the Miami Marlins

Steve Mitchell

1st Inning

Padres stepped up to the plate to face the possible future Padre pitcher Ricky Nolasco. He gave up a lead off single to Logan Forsythe. Though, he did get Alexi Amarista out and made Carlos Quentin ground into a double play. Maybe a trade is in order. Most likely mid-game.

Edinson Volquez came out and made quick work of the first 2 Marlins. The next two gave him problems. Giancarlo Stanton got a single and the other Logan got a triple (allegedly) and scored Stanton. Nolasco trade probably closer.

Marlins 1-0

2nd Inning

Chase Headley got a single to lead off the inning then would later steal second. Will Venable made the ball bounce about 15 times before it made it up the middle to reach the outfield and score Chase from second. See? Nolasco is giving up hits and everything. Let him stay in the disco Grand Canyon that is Marlins Park.


Edinson Volquez struck out 3 guys in the inning. He didn't strike out the side. He struck out two-thirds of the side, gave up a single, then finished the side. 3 strikeouts from Volquez like that is not something to sneeze at. It's something to admire. Like a piece of fine art, oh wait a second.

3rd Inning

Edinson Volquez just singled off Nolasco. Call off the trade rumors. He's never leaving Miami. The better Logan, Logan Forsythe, stepped up to the plate and launched a home run to deep left. So deep. So deep, put the Marlins lead to sleep. That's right. The Padres take THE LEAD.


Volquez walked his first batter and he came around to score on a Stanton double. I bet Giancarlo is available.


6th Inning

Chase Headley connected with a pitch that narrowly missed Nolasco, but made contact with 2nd base before reaching the outfield. Kyle Blanks got himself a double. With two runners on, Yasmani Grandal got an RBI single to drive his family to their feet. Will Venable joined the party with a single of his own to score Kyle Blanks. After that, Nolasco's day was done. 5 innings with 6 K's and no walks is good. Giving up 11 hits for 6 runs (5 earned)? Not good. Trade rumors effectively expunged. Former Padre Ryan Webb entered the game. When facing Pedro Ciriaco, crazy stuff happens. Time froze and plays got weird. Let's see if I can put it into words.

Pedro Ciriaco hits a ground ball. The throw goes to 2nd base to get Venable out. Well, second baseman is not on the base, doesn't look to tag the base with his glove, and Will Venable kicks the ball out of the glove upon contact. He's called out. Marlins throw the loose ball to home where Grandal is headed. What looks to be an applied tag before Grandal touches home leads to a safe call. So, what's safe is out and out is safe. Alternate universe baseball is confusing. What's not confusing is that the Padres now lead by 4.


After striking out 2 more Marlins in the inning, Edinson Volquez would have his night end and be replaced by Nick Vincent in the 7th. Volquez had a very good outing. In his 6 innings of work, he gave up 7 hits for 2 ER. On a much better note, he had 8 strikeouts and only walked 1 batter. That's good for business.

7th Inning

Alexi Amarista hit a triple. It took the outfielders about 4 minutes to get to the ball. Too bad he didn't score on an inside the park home run. Oh, hey. The ball gets away on the next pitch and Amarista scores from 3rd. Slowest home run ever.


8th Inning

Yasmani Grandal started off the inning with a double. Half the crowd started clapping for him again. Will Venable stayed Venacool with another RBI single. After a Forsythe walk, Alexi Amarista got himself an RBI single to push the lead to 7 runs.


Burch Smith made an appearance after being called up earlier today. He pitched the final 2 innings, only giving up 1 hit and 1 walk to go with his 1 strikeout. As I'm sure you could figure out by now, the Padres won BIG.


Padres had 15 hits and 5 players had a multi hit game, including Forsythe and Venable getting 3 hits each. The Padres will look to keep this offensive outburst going when they face Jacob Turner tomorrow. Eric Stults will take the mound for the Padres as they try to get a win streak going.

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