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Josh Byrnes interview with Marty Caswell

Marty Caswell (@MartyCaswell) has an interview with Padres GM Josh Byrnes

My notes:

  • The Padres are playing like a team. Different guys each night are contributing. They've tried to create a roster with depth and they've needed every bit of it.
  • The roster has versatility. They focused on players last year that can play multiple positions.
  • Byrnes is very impressed with Jedd Gyorko. He was confident last year that Gyroko could play defensively at 2nd base. Byrnes gives him a lot of credit for a very rapid learning curve since his arrival in the big leagues.
  • Byrnes hopes that the Padres will be buyers rather than sellers at the trade deadline. "Time is precious. When we have an opportunity like now we have to try and improve it." They need to get better to be able to play in October.
  • Adding payroll is not an issue. Byrnes and his team have been really disciplined and ownership has been great. "The discussion internally is like, if it's the right guy let's go do it, let's try and improve ourselves."
  • Everth Cabrera has had a weird developmental track. His offense has gotten better after spending time in AAA. "He brings it every day." He has a great mentality.
  • Carlos Quentin is feeling better and starting to swing the bat better. "We're a different team when he's in there."