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If Trevor Hoffman could attend a game with three people, he'd invite...

Donald Miralle

I conducted a phone interview with the Padres legendary closer Trevor Hoffman a month or so ago and I've just been sitting on the recording. The interview itself had to be postponed a couple times and just when I thought it wasn't going to happen he was on the phone. I was kind of caught off guard and my notes were a mess. I needed time to edit the interview and I just kept putting it off, until now!

This question came sometime in the middle of the interview, it's one I recycled from an old Pad Squad interview. I asked him which three people, outside of his family members, that he'd like to attend a game with. He answered:

See that's interesting to me. I'm not sure I could sit with any of those three people, especially not for 3 hours without being restrained or put on a sedative.

Next I asked him to tell me about one of his weirdest experiences with a fan. The one caveat was he couldn't name his interaction with me during this interview.

At this point I told him the story of how Jon and I met him a couple years back and we just stared at him with absolutely nothing to say and our mouths agape. He laughed, saying"Well you're doing a nice job here man! Everything's been good." Feels good, man.

I wondered aloud if my social awkwardness on that night had been a reason why I wasn't included in the three people he'd like to attend a game with.