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Giants 4, Padres 2: Jesus Was Good, Luke Not So Much

After being targeted by a Madison Bumgarner pitch, Jesus Guzman hit a solo home run off him later in the game to give the Padres the lead. But, the lead did not hold.

Thearon W. Henderson

1st Inning

Chris Denorfia didn't even let the first pitch cross the plate before popping out. Eric Stults let a couple guys get on base, but they got stuck there.

2nd Inning

Madison Bumgarner decided that he was going to play tough guy and throw at Jesus Guzman. Well, he missed him. Couldn't even hit him. Well, The Guz was none too pleased with the attempted assault of his hip so he gave Bumgarner a piece of his mind. He took some steps towards the mound. Posey got in the way as Bumgarner walked towards the plate.


Benches cleared for a little bit of a kerfuffle. Vocal jabs were thrown, but the players kept their fists in the holster.


Guzman then hit a ball pretty solidly that made me get out of my chair because I thought he had a home run. He didn't. He popped out to left. Move in the fences.

3rd Inning

Will Venable is such a player. He saw the baseball and said "Hey, you wanna go out?". Ball was just spinning with excitement and said "YES!" So, he took it out to right field and never saw it again. 10th one this year. Poor baseballs. Padres take the lead on Will Venable's home run, but I can't help feeling bad for that ball.



4th Inning

After 2 singles, Brandon Belt hit a ball to the one part of the outfield that Kyle Blanks could not gun it to 88 and reach the ball in time near the foul line. Bloop single scores a runner. Tie game.

Tie Game 1-1

7th Inning

Jesus Guzman steps up to the plate. The fire in his belly from Bumgarner targeting him with a pitch still burns. In one swing of the bat, he extinguished Bumgarner's chances of putting him away again. Guzman's 2nd home run in 2 days puts the Padres in THE LEAD.



Eric Stults' day ended after giving up a single. He went 6.1 innings with 3 strikeouts and 2 walks to go with giving up 7 hits for 2 ER. Then, the lead ended. Luke Gregerson had a worse line than Stults. He gave up 4 hits for 2 ER in zero innings pitched. He threw for no innings. In his zero innings, he gave up 3 singles and a triple. The triple gave the Giants the lead and a single gave them a 4th run. Tyson Ross came in and struck out 2 guys, then all 3 in the 8th. Should have picked Tyson before Luke.

Giants 4-2

9th Inning

Nothing happened. Game over.

Not a happy flight and technically the Padres have a losing streak. That streak ends tomorrow when they take on the worst team in the NL West.

Win tomorrow, Padres!


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