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Game Thread: 06/18 Padres @ Giants

Quack quack.

Ezra Shaw

Andrew Cashner will try to become the first player EVAR* to hit the game-winning RBI single one night and get a victory on the mound the next night. Quack.


*Don't actually know if this is true but let's go with it.

Padres winning percentage on June 18th, via Gaslamp Ballmanac: 46.15% (18-21)

Lineups: Just a biiiit of a lineup change from last night's 13-inning affair. Nick Hundley will be catching for Cashner. Pedro Ciriaco, who went 3-for-6 last night, will be sitting out as Alexi Amarista takes over at short. Kyle Blanks will start at first and Mark Kotsay will make the start in right.