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Jason Marquis To Start Saturday Instead Of Sunday; Clayton Richard To Do Something


Very shortly after the last out of the Padres' 2-1 win over Arizona was recorded, the team announced on its official Twitter account that Jason Marquis will be moving up a day, starting Saturday night instead of Sunday. In turn, Clayton Richard is slated to do the exact opposite.

Now, I'm generally not one to speculate. Okay, that was a bit of a stretch. Let's just say I try my hardest not to speculate but still sheepishly do it anyway. There. Damn this rigorous honesty I have to live by. Anyway, where were we? Oh, right, I was speculating about Clayton Richard.

Don't you think that maybe, just maaaaaybe, there might be more to this than they're letting on? Could it be that they're getting their ducks in a row to have someone make a spot start in Clayton's stead? I mean, the whole Kyle Blanks getting sent to AAA but then not debacle was a pretty good example of why to take their official word from atop the mountain with a grain of salt. A big grain of salt, at that. Like, some coarse sea salt.

Now, if Clayton isn't actually starting Sunday, who would? It certainly won't be Sean O`Sullivan, who picked up his sixth win for Tucson Friday night, although he might be a candidate to take Richard's spot in the future if he does get the boot since O`Sullivan has an out clause in his contract that allows him to opt for free agency if he isn't promoted to the big club by... [glances at calendar] today. It's possible that Bud might do as he's done in the past and use a couple of long men to cover the innings a starter normally would. It's also completely possible that Clayton Richard really will start Sunday and my overactive imagination has gotten the best of me. It wouldn't be the first time.

There are other possibilities of what could happen but I'm not going to speculate any farther. I can only do so much of that before I have to wash down a fistful of ibuprofen with a generic Mountain Dew to calm the throbbing in my temples that I foolishly brought upon myself by thinking in circles. You guys can have at it in the comments section; I've got a child-proof lid to try to wrench off.