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Padres 3, Braves 0: Kevin's Eleven in Game 2 of the 1998 NLCS

Kevin Brown dominates in Complete Game shutout with 11 strikeouts.

1st Inning

Kevin Brown strikes out the side. Brown is off to an exceptional start.

2nd Inning

Padres loaded the bases. Thus, a Quad Box occurred right now. One day, we will find the 1st ever instance of it. I doubt this game in 1998 had the 1st ever one, but it's the only visual evidence of one that I've seen. And likely many a Quad Box, no runs scored.

3rd Inning

Quad Box again. No runs again

5th Inning

Tom Glavine walks Ken Caminiti for the 3rd time. It is also Glavine's 6th walk of the game. Through 5 innings, San Diego is 0 for 8 with RISP and has left 8 runners on.

6th Inning

Chris Gomez and Kevin Brown single to left field. Quilvio Veras sneaks a single into center to score Chris Gomez. Unfortunately, the inning ends with Brown being tagged out at 3rd.


7th Inning

John Rocker enters the game. Remember that guy? Sheesh. Anyways, Tony Gwynn was 0 for 3, then he broke that up. A single puts The Gwynn on base. But, he gets left on base. Padres have now left 10 men on base.

8th Inning

Nothing valuable happened here except for Justin Bieber somehow traveling through time to be a Padres batboy.


We also had Mark Sweeney in the dugout with Ken.


9th Inning

Kevin Brown starts off the inning with a single. Veras hits it to the 5.5 hole. An error sends Brown to 3rd. Steve Finley gets a RBI single to push the lead to 2 runs. After the 4th walk of Ken Caminiti, Wally Joyner gets an RBI single to widen the lead.


Country Superstar Travis Tritt was not enjoying this game.


Kevin Brown came out in the bottom of the inning and put them away quick, recording his 10th and 11th strikeout on the night.


Brown's dominating performance has the Padres up 2 games to 0 going into Game 3.

Go Padres!