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Duck Calling at Petco?

Jbox and I went to the game last night. Nothing like a Tuesday night at the ballpark. I think it's my favorite night of the week to catch a game. Not as many people, easy to meander around, nice and calm, a more intimate feel. It's as if the game is being played just for you. And outside of your token Brave fans the stadium was pretty quiet like any other weekday game. That is except for what sounded to be duck calling every now and then.

At first I really didn't notice, I figured there was a problem with the PA system or something. But then it happened a few more times. Jbox and I were up in View and wandering about for most of the game so it was hard to tell where this noise was coming from. Did anyone else hear it? Was it loud enough to be heard on TV?

Finally around the 5th inning we think we figured this mystery out. After Cashner would strike out an opposing batter a select group of fans would start duck calling. This only makes perfect sense. Andrew Cashner is quite the hunter and outdoors man. He's been known to dress a dear in the locker room, go duck hunting before a game on road trips to the mid west. I think he even runs a Jerky business on the side.

I for one, love this. But who are the geniuses behind the duck calling? I wouldn't be surprised if Cashner is somehow behind this himself. He's got quite the sense of humor, probably a bunch of his brofriends in town just messing around.

Will this catch on? I hope so. Andrew Cashner is on fire. Holding the Braves to a couple of runs is no easy feat. Imagine a month from now, Andrew Cashner mowing down batter after batter while the entire ballpark erupts in one big duck call.