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Bud Black considered having CF Alexi Amarista pitch in 17 inning game


Bud Black said in his postgame interview that if the game continued or they had decided against using today's scheduled starter, Clayton Richard, then utility player Alexi Amarista might have pitched.

"We talked about it whether to -- at that time-- whether to use a position player or go to one of our starters. We felt that was the thing to do. We wanted to win the game. We played to win the game. We took Clayton's start tomorrow out of the equation and we decided to use him tonight and go for the 'W'. That's what we decided to do and I think that's what you have to do."

Asked which position player would have pitched Black answered:

"We narrowed it down to a couple of guys. It might have been Alexi Amarista...[said longingly in almost a whisper] it might have been Alexi."

He started defending his pick to the pool of reporters:

"He's got a good arm. I've seen him throw. I've seen him throw from the outfield. I've never seen him throw from the mound."