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Photo Gallery: Fox reporter Kelly Crull gets drenched again

It appears that the Padres now officially have formed a new tradition after walk-off wins, throwing gallons of liquid on the ever-charming Fox Sports Reporter Kelly Crull. It started on Wednesday night with a cooler of Powerade. It continued in the wee hours of Saturday morning after a 17 inning game.

This time she wasn't just collateral damage, she was a human shield. If I'm watching this correctly, the walkoff winner Jesus Guzman is the target but he spins Crull around to protect himself from Everth Cabrera and the water. A conspiracy theorist might suspect she could have been the primary target and Guzman was just holding her in place. It's hard to tell.

The best part is Kelly's reaction. Her smile makes my knees buckle. I love her.

Then she asks jokingly to Guzman, "Are you kidding? I'm so glad you pulled me into that. What were you thinking?"

Guzman responds "That's for you, we win!"

Then the ever professional Crull seamlessly jumps right into the postgame interview without missing a beat. She's the best.