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Padres fans wrestle during base race


I FanShat this link earlier but apparently animated gifs don't work in SB Nation's FanShots. I'll just put it into a real blog post for posterity.

So there I was, Sunday afternoon just minding my own business watching the Padres win again when this Lobshots tweet came across my Twitter feed.


Cap tip: Busted Coverage, @CorkGains and LobShots

Between these two wrestling girls and Lake Elsinore's Fastest Squirrel in in the world, Padres fans can't even leave their seats between innings to buy food or visit the restroom without fear of missing something. The in-game entertainment has been nuts recently.

I wonder if they could combine the two spectacles by bringing both of these girls back to race the squirrel. I'd buy a ticket to see that wrestle race.