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Trevor Hoffman discusses Padres fans booing Heath Bell

Ronald Martinez

I got the chance to do a phone interview with Padres legendary closer Trevor Hoffman yesterday as part of a Pepsi Max Field of Dreams promotion. I was so nervous. More on that later...

But since public interest in The Booing of Heath Bell is waning by the second, I thought I'd share this particular clip before it becomes old really old news. I asked Trevor his opinion of Padres fans who booed Bell when he came in to face the Padres with the bases loaded. I told him I have no problem with fans booing him and asked him if he thought that made me a bad fan.

I think I cut off the dialogue at the end, but I told him I thought it was situational. If Bell comes into the game when the Padres have the lead or the bases weren't loaded, he probably doesn't get booed. Trevor agreed saying "There you go." He was probably just trying to get me to move on to the next question, but still.