Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey: Yosemite!

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Jersey is a Gaslamp Ball community project that chronicles the Padres' season through the lives of their greatest fans and an old jersey.

I had heard all the tales of The Jersey. I had been in it's presence. I've felt its power. So when I planned my trip to Yosemite and had a chance to bring the jersey to one of the most beautiful places on earth, how could I resist?

Our first stop on this tale was in Fresno. It wasn't until I was looking for a local bank that I remembered that terrible organization up north has a minor league team there. It was about 10 a.m so no game was going on but I figured I'd take a picture in front of the stadium. It brought them terrible luck as they lost that night 6-8.


Upon arriving at Yosemite National Park we were told by a park ranger that it was free to get in thanks to it being Earth Day. The ranger also decided to tell me he was a Dodger fan so the jersey was making him lose his concentration. I tried to convince him to role play and take a picture with me. He would be Greinke and I would be Quentin, but he declined. So we decided to head to Mariposa Grove and check out some big trees.


Yes, I'm wearing that horrible Opening Day shirt under the jersey. Sue me.



Not impressed with Sergio Romo.

We weren't camping in the valley but we definitely wanted to see it that first day. We decided to pack up some sandwiches and eat dinner on a log. At least the views were tremendous.


The second day we spent in the valley was full of walking. We thought it would be a great idea to go on a 15 mile long hike around the valley floor. Turns out it wasn't such a great idea. We scrapped that idea and decided to walk around and check out some specific sights instead of the alternative...dying.


Just checking out Yosemite Falls


The lady and I in front of Lower Yosemite Falls

That night we went back to camp and made some dinner. I let the smell of hotdogs and charcoal engulf the jersey. I also chopped wood and toasted marshmallows in the jersey, but no photos were taken.

The next and last day we were in the valley we decided to hike up to the top of Vernal Fall. I had my doubts on whether I would be up for it. I tired to make every excuse to my girlfriend I could. I even faked being a Padre and needing Tommy John surgery. In the end though she convinced me to do it. It was one of the reasons I had made the trip after all. It was about 4 miles total with about 4,000 in elevation change, but it was worth it. 8715247206_2ef25e7ced_z_medium

0.8 miles up is the bridge.You can kind of see the waterfall in the background.


They jersey and I got a little wet climbing the mist trail.


Made it to the top!


Here is a little taste of what the jersey helped me conquer. About 12 million steps.

So rather then get completely soaked again we opted to take a different route down. We took the very old Muir trail. So of course we had to go higher up before we got to go back down. It did lead to this wonderful photo op though.


After such a long day we decided we needed drinks. So we headed over to the Awahnee Hotel. On there way the jersey got to have a run in with some wildlife.


Bambi didn't really appreciate what was in it's presence.




Enjoying a $13 old fashioned at fancy hotel.

That night we cooked chili over the fire. The only footage I could find....

The next day it was time to say goodbye to Yosemite. It was such a great time and hope if you haven't been before you take the time to go and visit such a natural wonder. The jersey isn't with me anymore and that sort of bums me out. As soon as I sent it away I ended up getting sick. How's that for it being lucky? Hopefully I can get it back again for my trip to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone.


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