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A tale of revenge from Tony Gwynn about the blowhard Curt Schilling

Kent Horner

I love Craig Elsten's radio show on the Mighty 1090. Unfortunately I wasn't listening last night, due to my attendance at a graduation. Fortunately I saw his tweets from @619Sports describing an epic Tony Gwynn interview. Click on his link for the full audio. I'm going to cue it up and listen while I type.

A never before told tale of beloved Padres legend Tony Gwynn and revenge? Yes, please.

The unhateable Curt Schilling was interviewed on Colin Cowherd's show earlier this week and admitted that of the 50+ players he hit with pitches, all but 5 of them were on purpose. He says he threw a perfect revenge pitch that hit Tony Gwynn directly on the knee as payback for Andy Ashby throwing at one of their player's head.

April 24, 1994:

Schilling said he deserved to be hit by Padres pitcher Andy Benes, but that Benes wouldn't do it, much to the chagrin of the Gwynn.

Tony Gwynn responds to the clip that Elsten played for him.

"I remember it like it was yesterday."

He says he was hit because the Phillies thought he was giving signs to Padres hitters from on base the night before on April 23rd. He of course had gone 5-5 and was on base the whole night.

"The argument that Andy Benes and I were having on the bench was he asked me if I wanted him [Benes] to hit him [Schilling]. I said "No, I'm going to get him myself."

"From that day forward for the rest of my career I tried to hit a ball back up the middle and hit him square right in the chest."

Gwynn explains he was never able to because Schilling never gave him a fast ball over the plate enough to hit up the middle.

Gwynn says the Padres didn't do anything wrong the night before, the Phillies were just mad since they were getting pummeled. Gwynn also says that Schilling hit him in the thigh not in the knee. Schilling had exaggerated as usual.

"I'm still burning up about it. If I could get him--If I could face him today I'd still be trying to hit a ball back up the middle."

I love this story and that Gwynn is still tells it passionately. Only Tony Gwynn would have enough talent, artistry and precision with a bat that he'd try to exact his own revenge on a pitcher.