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Do Not Enter: The Day Everth Cabrera Was Denied Access To Petco Park

Everth Cabrera was not shown the door when trying to enter Petco Park.


Let me start out by saying that I'm 99% sure that this story is 100% true. If everything below is somehow untrue, I would be devastated. I'd have to start studying people's faces to not mess up like this again. But...the only way that it's not true is if I dreamt it all up. However, this is not the type of thing I dream about. Maybe I was clouded by the fact that it was way too early to be going to a game and my brain was on sleep. Yet, I had just drank a soda, so my mind was right. Lastly, it could have been an Everth Cabrera impersonator, to which I must say, he certainly got the height down exactly.

So, in summation, I think Everth Cabrera got denied access into Petco Park today.

This happened a little bit around 10:20am. I was about 100 feet away when I saw everything I’m about to describe go down.

Everth walked up to one of the side entrances before you get to the Park at the Park between Tilted Kilt and Lolita's. People in regular everyday clothes had been flashing their badges and walking right in. Everth walks up in a workout shirt and a pair of cargo shorts and the security guard looks at him and kinda shrugs. Cabrera scrunches his face like "Don't you know why I want to get in?" He then shakes his head and starts walking towards me. I was going to ask Everth why they wouldn't let him in, but couldn't get up the courage since I was about to walk into Petco before he did because I had a ticket. He turned the corner and proceeded to walk all the way down the street towards the player's parking lot.

Granted, I don't know what was said or if he was lacking proper credentials, but still. Guard couldn't tell that was Everth Cabrera?!? I should have given him my ticket and told him to just go in and that I'd buy another one. Would have bumped this story into epic proportions.

The Day Friar Fever Paid For Everth Cabrera’s Ticket

Anyways, that's my story for everyone who couldn't witness this in person today (jodes). I just hope Everth will be able to get into the park next time. Maybe next time he will wear his jersey to the park rather than just leave it in the locker room.