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Photo Gallery: Will Venable and Kelly Crull take Powerade bath

Padres first basemen Yonder Alonso got a little carried away after last night's walk-off win.

In an effort to fetch Will Venable a celebratory and well deserved sip of Gatorade Powerade, he clumsily ended up spilling it all over Venable and Fox Sports San Diego sideline reporter Kelly Crull.

The pictures in this photo gallery look like a stylistic blood and gore scene from a Quentin Tarantino movie. If you cropped out Yonder Alonso and pretended that the Powerade was blood it would look like Kelly was interviewing Venable when his abdomen spontaneously exploded. Gross.

Venable may have been the primary target but Kelly and her light colored outfit suffered a good deal of collateral damage. She was a good sport though, sending out this tweet late last night.

The thing I'm most curious about is that the blouse in the Twitter picture doesn't appear to be part of the dress ensemble that Crull is wearing in the photos. Or maybe that's a picture of the back of the dress? Someone fill me in.