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Mariners 9, Padres 0: A Memorial Day Game To Forget

Being shutout at Safeco is not how the Padres envisioned today going.

Too bad Clayton couldn't camouflage the ball.
Too bad Clayton couldn't camouflage the ball.
Otto Greule Jr

1st Inning

Everyone, it hurts writing about the first inning. Everything started out so golden. Our man, Everth Cabrera, doubled to lead off the game. Then, everything stopped for the Padres in the 1st.

The Hated Mariners on the other hand started off with another color and then went Crayola all over the field. Clayton Richard was not warmly welcomed back to the Padres. Jason Bay had a lead off home run. Bob Seager or something like that walked, the guy who broke his own leg a few years back had a double, then that big Morse guy had a home run to bring the score to 4-0. More guys got on base for them, but none of them scored. Thankfully.

Mariners 4-0

2nd-6th Inning

The Padres put 1 guy on base. One. Uno. And it wasn't even in a cool way. Aaron Harang walked Carlos Quentin. Didn't even hit him or anything. Just gave him the free base the less painful way.

In the 4th inning, the Mariners got another home run off the bat of Kelly Shoppach.

Mariners 5-0

7th Inning

The Padres got two hits.

After the 7th inning stretch, the score changed drastically. Anthony Bass entered the game and did not do too great. There were singles, doubles, wild pitches, and walks. Not even an "Oh, my" was heard. It was bad. Not going to go into further detail, just know that 4 runs were scored when more could have been a possibility.

Mariners 9-0

9th Inning

Aaron Harang struck out Chase Headley. Struck out Carlos Quentin. Couldn't strike out Yonder Alonso though. Small victory.

The other team won again. Padres need to split the series tomorrow. No.