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Padres 10, Diamondbacks 4: The Padres Could Not Be Tamed

Padres put up 12 hits for 10 runs. Everth falls 1 special hit from history.

Norm Hall

1st Inning

The game started and an Everth Cabrera single was created. But, when hope of goodness was almost lost, he stole his 19th base of the year. But, that’s not all! It was his 100th career steal. That’s good for business.

Cashner took the mound and gave up a hit super fast. Like the guy hit one of his warmup tosses. That quick. Unfortunately, that guy came around to score along with Eric Chavez when Chavez hit it into the right field seats.

Diamondbacks 2-0

3rd Inning

Nick Hundley almost gets picked off at 1st. Got bunted over to 2nd. Then, Everth showed up. BOOM! The Cab drives Nick home and the game is TIED! Everth went suuuuuper deep. Deep, so deep, put that lead to sleep.

Tie Friar Game 2-2

Then, the tide, it sure did turn. Cashner gave up hit after hit, 3 in fact, until the Diamondbacks retook the lead. A sac fly gave them more of a lead. Then, he gave them another hit, but the inning ended with the Diamondbacks scoring only 2 runs.

Diamondbacks 4-2

4th Inning

Quentin comes around to score after getting on base. Diamondbacks 4-3. Seems like the Padres could get back into this game. But, they have 2 outs. Hundley single? Cashner single?!?! Tie Game?!?! WHAT?!? This game is like a UFC heavyweight fight (that I will never be ready to talk about). Now THE NORFIA is getting hits and scoring runs? The Padres take the lead. And with that lead, Wade Miley gets knocked out of the game. The man of the night, Everth Cabrera, steps up to the plate and…gets a DOUBLE. Cashner and Denorfia score and it’s 7-4 PADRES. And then Chase Headley flies out.


Hmm.. Cabrera has a single, a home run, and a double now. Feels like he’s just something short of a something. I wonder if he’ll get that something

5th Inning

The Padres get the bases loaded right up and Nick Hundley gets the ball to fall and with some help from Gerardo Parra, 2 more runs score and push the lead to 4. In the bottom half of the inning, Andrew Cashner puts them down as fast as they came up.


6th inning

Cashner does his best work getting 2 strikeouts in what would be his final inning, as he was replaced by Joe Thatcher after giving up a single in the bottom of the 7th inning. Cashner finished his game with 5 K’s but 4 ER. Luckily, those 4 ER were not enough for the Padres offense to overcome.

9th Inning.

The time has come. Everth Cabrera steps up to the plate. He reaches base! By an error. Yeah. No cycle, no history. Once again, he's short of the cycle. But then again, who isn't anymore? Chase Headley joins Everth on base, followed by Kyle Blanks. With the bases loaded, Yonder Alonso gets hit by a pitch and Everth scores to cap off his incredible night.


Tyson Ross enters the game to close it out, but not for a save. Nope. The Padres were just that good tonight.

Padres win the game behind Everth's 3 hits and 4 RBI. He is a true All Star.

Get The Cab To New York!