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DBacks 5, Padres 2: Padres pitchers pummeled in 7th

It might have seemed like Bud Black left Eric Stults in the game too long, but once you saw the Padres bullpen in action you can understand why he didn't want to make a move.

Norm Hall

2nd Inning

A cringing Carlos Quentin chugged around the first base en route to second after hitting a ball into the left field corner. His knees are seriously effed right now always. Yonder Alonso singled him in. Quentin grimaced while trotting home, giving the Padres the 1-0 lead. The Padres thought that's the only run they'd need with Eric Stults on the mound.

1-0 Padres

7th Inning

Bud Black seemed perfectly content to let Eric Stults finish the game. Stults seemed gassed. He gave up back to back doubles to start the inning. Then a walk. Then another double. With Arizona now held the 2-1 lead. Bud Black decided to pull Stults.

Dale Thayer came in and promptly gave up a single, scoring another run. Again Black visited the mound with the hook.

Joe Thatcher then came in to record the 2nd out. Black then pulled him.

Then it was Anthony Bass's turn. He gave up a double and another 2 runs.

That's some kinda bullpen.

5-1 Diamondbacks

8th Inning

Everth Cabrera kicked off the inning with a home run into the pool in the outfield. Splash, bitches!

FINAL: 5-2 Diamondbacks

In the 9th Heath Bell tried to give the game back to the Padres, he'd be a perfect fit for our bullpen.