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Third Fox Sports San Diego Girl wanted! Apply today!

Fox Sports San Diego is searching for the next Fox Sports San Diego Girl. They've got two already in Katie and Nathalie, they need one more. It could be you, but it will probably be Jenna. If you are Jenna, then... hi.

To apply you have to upload two pictures and a video introducing yourself. Presently there are three four applicant videos. You've got Jenna and three others. Here's the thing Pad Squad Jenna seems like the perfect fit for this job, but she needs really good competition in order to properly shine. That's why you should apply, unless you're Jenna and you already have... hi.

I was trying to think of what makes up a good trio. In just about every case you have the nerdy member, the goofy one and the suave leader. It works for every trio from the Three Stooges, Nirvana to the cast of the Hangover. I don't know Katie and Nathalie real well, but as far as I can tell they're both the nerdy one. That means this new member has to be both goofy and suave, while showing leadership qualities.

Anyway, apply.

Me? I can't figure out how to vote. It says voting isn't open until June 27th, but there's this 5 star rating system going on in the upper left hand corner. I think I gave Jenna 5 stars, but who knows. I'll continue to try.

Here's all the info you will need to apply.


FOX Sports San Diego has launched a search for the next FOX Sports San Diego Girl to join current FSSD Girls Katie and Nathalie. As fan ambassadors of FOX Sports San Diego, the Girls’ mission is to connect with fans through a common passion for the hometown teams.

The FOX Sports San Diego Girls promote live games on FOX Sports San Diego, participate in community events, and engage with fans through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Interested candidates can go to to submit an application until 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, June 12, 2013. Top candidates will be invited to the FOX Sports San Diego studios for an audition in late June, then fans will have the opportunity to vote between June 27 and July 8 for who they would like to see join Katie and Nathalie. Finally, the newest FOX Sports San Diego Girl will be introduced at Del Mar Opening Day on Wednesday, July 17.


Meet Katie and Nathalie and learn more about the search for the next FOX Sports San Diego Girl here.