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Trevor Hoffman's favorite baseball movie, other Padres too

Donald Miralle

You may remember that I interviewed Trevor Hoffman over the phone a couple weeks back. Hoffman was promoting Pepsi Max's Field of Dreams game, so I asked him if his favorite baseball movie was Field of Dreams. It wasn't.

I told Trevor that I had asked the same question of Tony Gwynn last year and he had given the same answer with practically the same, if not abbreviated reasoning. Hoffman chuckled and asked "Is that right? Well I guess that means I'm in good company then."

Marty Caswell too asked most of the current Padres players their favorite baseball movies in some sort of weird coincidence. I sometimes forget that all these guys are so young. They're talking about watching "The Sandlot" as little bitty children. I was already well into my golden years when that came out, so it didn't have the same affect on me. Not one of them mentioned the one redeeming part of that movie either, Wendy Peffercorn.

Here's the breakdown:

The Sandlot

Kyle Blanks
Yonder Alonso
Cameron Maybin
Jedd Gyorko
Mark Sweeney

Major League

Nick Hundley
Will Venable
Buddy Black

Bull Durham

Andrew Cashner
Mark Kotsay
John Baker
Trevor Hoffman
Tony Gwynn

Field of Dreams

Huston Street
Joe Thatcher

For Love of the Game

Luke Gregerson
Edinson Volquez

The Natural

Anthony Bass
Chase Headley

The Rookie

Jesus Guzman

Me? I'm a "The Natural" guy, through and through.