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David Wells Turns 50

Happy fiftieth birthday to former Padres starter David Wells! Best known to most fans for his time with the Yankees, Boomer spent time with nine major league teams, including two stints each with Toronto, New York, and San Diego.

Wells had already pitched for six teams, thrown a perfect game, and won two rings in his 17 major league seasons before signing with his hometown Padres as a 40-year-old free agent before Petco Park's first season. He was a bargain, going 12-8 with a 3.73 ERA in 31 starts for only $1.25MM. Wells also led the league in BB/9 with a mere 0.9 and parlayed his continued success into a two-year deal with Boston.

After nearly two seasons with the Red Sox, Wells came back to San Diego in a deal at the 2006 waiver deadline. He went 1-2 with a 3.49 in five starts down the stretch and got tagged with a tough luck loss in the NLDS, giving up two runs over five innings in the final postseason appearance of his career.

He re-signed with the team as a free agent after the season but time finally caught up with him in 2007. Shaky all season, he fell apart in mid-July, giving up seven earned runs in no more than 4.1 innings in three of his last four games with the team. He wasn't much better in the fourth, surrendering five earned runs in five innings. After being released by San Diego, Wells signed with the D*****s and went 4-1 with one of those wins of course being against the Padres.

Wells retired after the 2007 season and occasionally works as a broadcaster for TBS when he's not drinkin' beers or fishin'. Just livin' the life, man.