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Game Ratings Project Catchup: Rate Game 22 (That Giants game)

Playing some catchup

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

We (meaning I) missed a game ratings last week and it was a good one. Think back. We had salvaged a win against the Brewers. Andrew Cashner took on Tim Lincecum. And we beat the World Champion Giants, 2-1.

I won't remind you what happened in the games following, because right now, you're going to think back to that and, in the context of how you felt way back then, vote on how you felt way back then.

Here's that game recap.

Really, it was pretty good even if we didn't know what was to come. Beating the Giants at all is fun. As is sending in Andrew Cashner and beating that dude Lincecum. So I would not be surprised if there were some good numbers here.

For those of you who keep diaries, now would be a good time to look up what you were feeling on April 26th-27th.

Dear Diary, Last night I ate the most glorious watermelon salad... It had olives in it.... And this morning's breakfast burrito filled my heart with joy...