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Rate the Game!!! Padres lose to the Cubs behind Andrew Cashner

Let's do this quick hit style


OK. I really really need to catch up. Rate the Game. Padres lose to the Cubs behind Andrew Cashner.

It was not Cashner's night and while the lineup change didn't look so bad to me at first (Baker-Amarista-Venable instead of Hundley-Denorfia-Kotsay), it sure played a lot worse offensively. So it was not meant to be. On the plus side, Jedd Gyorko managed his first home run and Chase Headley got all jelly and a home run too. #showboat

So I'm putting this up now. And I promise I'm gonna put the quick hit up for the San Francisco Giants game RIGHT AFTER THIS. So stay tuned and you'll have a chance to think back to more innocent times as we (read: I) screw up these ratings even more!

Super scientific, what we're doing here folks. Super duper scientific.