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1984 Padres Quiz: How many can you name?

Tonight the Padres will be giving a nod to their first National League championship team by busting out the 1984 jerseys. I wasn't around to see them because I was too busy learning how to walk in some run-down trailer thousands of miles away but since then have familiarized myself with the roster because I'm a huge nerd. Well, technically I'm a tiny nerd but you know what I'm saying.

A mere 31 players saw duty for the 1984 team. Trader Jack got everything in order before the season began and never had the need to mess with a winning formula. His only in-season trade was to send minor league outfielder and former San Diego State Aztec Al Newman to Montreal for a relief pitcher whose name I'm not going to tell you.

So, how many can you name? I've put together a quiz and, as always, the rules are simple. You get seven minutes to think of as many as you can and you only need to type last names. To make things a little easier, each player's uniform number and position are provided. Once your time is up, head back here and report your tally in the poll and leave a nice, spoiler-free comment. Or at very least use the black box feature for what it was made for.

Okay, enough jibber-jabber out of me. It's go time!