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There will be a Mariachi Band at Petco Park. ¡SI SE PUEDE!

Sometimes wishes come true.


I'm just gonna leave this here for a second...

What is it about Mariachi bands that makes us all love them so? Is it the festive tunes? Is it the lace or bedazzled guitars? Is it the presence of trumpets? Is it the fact that they are often accompanied by guacamole, chips and margaritas?

Or is it something else?

Whatever it is, the last time I talked to Tom Garfinkel, I said, "You know what you should do to get the party atmosphere at Petco Park? Mariachi band. Everybody (meaning me) and their mothers (meaning me again) loves a good mariachi."

Earlier this week, we found out that it's going to happen. Saturday there will be six mariachis roaming the park between 3:30 and 5:00.

How amazing is that? At the same time, if I knew Mentor was going to be granting wishes at that moment, I might've asked for something else, but nevertheless!

I demand that somebody get this bit to happen (among other songs that sound amazing covered by mariachis):