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Nick Hundley and Yasmani Grandal make peace, sort of.


Listened to this interview with Bud Black yesterday where he's asked about Nick Hundley calling out Yasmani Grandal as an unproven player. I transcribed his answer.

Bud Black interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

"I spoke to Nick about that. I believe that Nick and Yasi have reached out to each other on that. With Nick, I don't think that he said anything that he didn't believe as far as the steroid usage and how our team felt about that. I think what stood out in that was when Nick hit the performance issue. I think that's probably what got Yasi.

You know Yasi obviously knows that he messed up by taking some PEDs. I think Nick in his conversation, you know probably went public, probably against probably what he should have done. With that, as far as all of us in the clubhouse, especially with those two guys, that it has passed. Their relationship is fine, it won't be damaging moving forward. But you look at those situations and I think there are times that a guy wished he had said it a little differently. I think Nick handled it well and on the other hand Yasi handled it well also."

Nick later denied slandering Yasmani Grandal, saying that his quote was taken out of context.

Then later still, saying the quote was correct, but took issue with how the quote was used.

Padres want steroids, not Grandal, out of game Page 1 of 2 |

Perhaps he was wise to clam up, given the backlash from comments he made last week that he was concerned with his own work but that I could focus if I wanted on "a guy who is unproven and had a good couple months on steroids."

Hundley on Tuesday affirmed the accuracy of his quote about Grandal as it appeared in my column from last Wednesday. He explained, at my request, his subsequent sidestep, saying is issue was more with the outside perception of the quote rather than the presentation thereof.

Darren Smith asked Black if he thought the rest of the guys in the clubhouse felt the same way, that Grandal has not proven himself as a player without PEDs.

"I think in general players feel very strongly about PEDs, absolutely."

...But specifically about the fact that Grandal has not proven himself.

Oh no, I don't think that.

Yet, backup catcher John Baker does think that.

Upbeat as ever, Baker soldiers on |

"Yasmani had a great season last year, but there’s some question marks based on, obviously, what happened with him," Baker said. "We don’t know if he’s gonna be the same player. I imagine he’s gonna be close to the same player that he was last year."

Black went on to explain that he feels Grandal has proven himself as a baseball player going back to his years in High School.

I don't think that's an issue no.

And yet it is.